Muller Martini

As a manufacturer and supplier of technologically leading systems, Muller Martini provides support to the graphic design industry throughout the world. Our efforts to develop solutions in line with the market are fully focused on the industry’s requirements and demands. Since Muller Martini was founded in 1946, we have always identified market trends early on. Thanks to our many decades of experience and our technical expertise, we set new standards throughout the world again and again with our innovations.

With its global sales organization and manufacturing plants in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and China, Müller Martini sells high-quality system solutions and first-class services world-wide for industrial use in the graphic industry. Our employees know what customer service means. We have precisely this entrepreneurial spirit to thank for our success.

Our basic values include fairness, integrity and readiness to deliver. They strengthen our company in the market and create a firm foundation to build upon.

Founded: 1946
HQ: Zofingen, Switzerland